The "Bonaire Debris Free" Winner

Debris Free Bonaire + Facebook = Free Dive Vacation

Congratulations to Warren Stincer; the “Debris Free Bonaire” winner of the 7 night stay at Villa Makoshi Penthouse and 6 days of unlimited shore diving; compliments of Dive Friends Bonaire. For those who participated in the “Debris Free Bonaire” challenge; a special thank-you for making a difference. Your photo submissions on The Dive Friends Bonaire Facebook page shows the world you care. Let’s not forgot everyone who has participated since 2012 and remember the biggest winner of all is our oceans. In total, the volunteers have filled the container for the 20th time; totaling 200 cubic meters (7,063 cubic feet) of marine plastic debris removed from the environment, the shores of Bonaire.

To Carolyn and staff at Dive Friends Bonaire, your tremendous effort needs to be recognized by the world to show “we can make a difference”.

For those following, please encourage this tremendous endeavor promoted by Dive Friends Bonaire and Debris free Bonaire. Bookmark these links and let’s make a difference together!

Dive Friends Bonaire facebook.

Dive Friends Bonaire Website.

Debris Free Bonaire Website.

Photo courtesy of "Debris Free Bonaire"