Bonaire Cycling Trails

Almost all of Bonaire's bicycling trails run along the coastline at some point and some of them lie only inches from it (after all, this is an island). Maybe you'll pass by the old slave huts on the south end of the island, or perhaps you'll peddle out to the old fishing village at Playa Frans. One trail takes you on a historical tour of the northern village of Rincon, with its old church, Devil's Hill, kunukus (farms), a seemingly out-of-place duck pond, the first freeman's settlement following the abolition of slavery, and "the warehouse of the king."

Another route puts riders hot on the trail of the elusive flamingos, and another winds up and down some of the most rugged loose rock and dirt hills imaginable. Maybe you'll see the old aloe plantation today or maybe you'll peddle out to the ancient and still undecipherable Indian inscriptions, or to the lighthouse, or the lagoon. For every day, for as long as you care to stay, there are different routes, different distances, and different thrills.

Shorter runs will have you back before noon. Stop by the market for fresh fruit and fish or have a nice lunch at your hotel and then take a siesta (everyone else does, from 12 noon to 2 p.m.). Upon waking, go for a swim or gear up for a dive. Some bike tours include lunch and plans for an afternoon of diving the wreck of the Hilma Hooker, snorkeling at Pink Beach, or kayaking the lagoon. Either way, at day's end, you'll have plenty of cycling related tales to swap over dinner.

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