Shore Diving in Bonaire - What's all the Hype?

Some people ask what the difference between Shore Diving and Boat Diving is. Well, not to say anything against Boat Dives or sound bias to Shore Dives, but there is a difference. Boat Diving is great for getting away from crowds and out to the remote areas inaccessible without a boat. The nice thing about Bonaire, most of the sites listed on the Bonaire dive map are accessible by shore. And let’s face it; the fish are everywhere, even the big ones! We have seen most everything that Bonaire has to offer during our shore dives, the only thing you are missing is the boat ride.

The differences between a shore dive and a boat dive are these main points:
1. Cost
a. Boat dives: 2 – tank dives starting at $70
b. Shore dives: truck rental starting from $24/day and unlimited air $25/day

2. Time
a. Boat dives require you to be at the dock by 8 am or 9am
b. Shore dives require no schedule; it’s your schedule and frequency of dives

3. People
a. Boat dives allow all levels of experience and language spoken in any one group
b. Shore dives allows you to choose your buddy or group

4. Dive Site
a. Boat dives have specific buoys or locations for the dive site
b. Shore dives are wherever you might walk in

5. ABT
a. Boat dives turn back or end based on the first diver to reach 1500 psi or 45 minutes
b. Shore divers usually know their buddies SAC rate

6. Kodak Moments
a. Boat dives can see everything or miss everything
b. Shore dives can see everything or miss everything

Check out some of the dive sites in Bonaire, just click on either link to the North or South end of the island. Not all sites are listed, but inside our Villa on the coffee table will be maps to take with you in the truck. Enjoy the journey, and especially the diving!

Shore Dive Sites North of the Airport

Shore Dive Sites South of the Airport